About Us

Bling It On is a Bandung based Local Brand, was established on June 2019 by Meta Azzahra after she decided to share her love of seeing an eye catching product. And why exactly is “Bling It On”? Bling has an identical meaning to glittering and it is used to describe a glamorous thing.


Whereas Bling It on has its own meaning as an encouragement to sparkle/ stand out together with the products. It does not have to be something expensive or made of diamond to have a power to stand out. You only have to wear a comfortable product and suitable with your style, therefore you can make yourself more confident and reveal your inner beauty. 


Our products are made from different material such as faux fur, suede, corduroy, and synthetic leather with a playful engagement with pattern and color. Here at playful engagement with pattern and color.


Here at Bling It On our best selling products is our Safari Collection, so our largest fabric consumption is faur fux, and we want to keep in mind that our fabrics are cruelty free. In a world of local product, we also set a goal to have a home for the young artist of the industry and focused on connection you with truly special pieces.